Thoughts or Actions

Feeling like a spinning compass

The idea of working towards a self-made career with full control over my work-life balance sounds appealing, but the multiple directions I can take only cause me to ponder, and never act. 

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Honest Internal Vision

Take a good look at yourself and your life. We all do healthy things and unhealthy things. We all do productive things and unproductive things. A balance in life is desirable but if a bad is balanced out by a good, then there is never going to be any sort of progress. 

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Preference vs. Judgement?

You should always be allowed to express your personal preferences, however, you should never comment on someone else’s preferences in a negative way or in a way the generalizes those who share those preferences.

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Is there a god?

Photo by Valentin Antonucci from Pexels

The pattern repeats back generation after generation. Even with no records, there were two people who made a kin. At some point, it was reduced to a being not human, more ape. Back furthermore pure mammal than an ape. Back further and further hardly an animal, a group of cells. Back to the furthest, what reason produced the first cell which branched out to one day lead to you sitting in a chair reading this. God is the start.

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In the Universe Intelligible?

Photo by Edvin Richardson from Pexels

Once we leave our limited life state our spirits will be unbound, we will no longer have restrictions. Currently, we are restricted by our energy, education, and even time. Once freed from those restrictions we can see what is outside of the cave. View the universe from afar. Understand why it is doing what it is doing.

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Does life have meaning?

Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels

Life does have meaning, however, that meaning is simply busy work.

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