How free are we?

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

A Writing Prompt from “The Philosopher’s Notebook”

An individual is only as free as they let themselves. Through childhood we are slaves to our upbringing, if we are free, we will not let it define our lives as adults, yet we usually do. In picking a career we are slaves to the material world, if we are free, we will not let financial potential determine the path we choose, yet we usually do or often wish we had let it. In the slums of any major civilian cultivation, if they are free, they will do whatever it takes to escape from the horrible conditions that surround them, even if that means dying, yet few are able to make it out.

Depending on your definition of free, a person has the ability to be as free as they desire to be, but a typical person desires to be comfortable and not free.

Published by Jr. Flood

This is a test of my internal broadcast system. Good day to all who read. Good day to all who attempt the expansion project of life. The name is unimportant, but hopefully some of these word combinations will cause some brainwaves to vibrate. Life, music, scenarios, and various stories are a few of the things I plan on placing here. I realized not long ago that it's better to have more than just a notebook full of words no body will ever read. Perhaps, next to no one will read these words, but the point is welcoming the insight. Your move.

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