Is there a god?

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Our records fail to trace back to the earliest event. At some point, even the earliest recorded event would not be far back enough because when that record was new other records existed that were lost or destroyed. Our minds developed from simply existing, to existing and recording what happened. Logically, we know how we each began as a person, our parents. They started us, but without their parents, it couldn’t have happened. The pattern repeats back generation after generation. Even with no records, there were two people who made a kin. At some point, it was reduced to a being not human, more ape. Back furthermore pure mammal than an ape. Back further and further hardly an animal, a group of cells. Back to the furthest, what reason produced the first cell which branched out to one day lead to you sitting in a chair reading this. God is the start. 

The idea of an all-knowing spiritual presence constantly surrounding everything is a poor way to explain it. It is outdated. The fear of the unknown is the foundation for the deep beliefs people have in the spiritual word. However, each event completed before your existence had some sort of spirit which is now gone. Those spirits lined up perfectly to result in your existence that will affect the next beings to become. It is important to respect that fact. Be humble by the fact that it is not probable that you are alive. Play out the scenario again over a billion times and it won’t yield this exact reality. The variables fell into place perfectly. There was a chain reaction of billions of billions of billions worth of events that lead up to you holding the chain of those reactions.  

To go back as far as science can, at least for the universe we occupy, some unknown force set off the Big Bang. Something happened to release that amount of energy into this reality. Even if that something was just a physical phenomenon, it lead to today, The phenomenon then is god, or it was god. There was a start, however long ago, or however simple it was. If you are reading this, then you are a byproduct of it. That “it”, is god, or whatever label you want to give it. 

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I realized that it's better to have more than just a notebook full of words no body will ever read. Perhaps, next to no one will read these words, but life is better when it is shared. I welcome the insight and remain humble towards any additional ideas not yet learned.

22 thoughts on “Is there a god?

  1. God is a Western term that declares that creation is an artifact left over by a greater agent. Furthermore the story is that the universe is an automatic device that requires intervention on from time to time. Eastern philosophies like Taoism, and Buddhism ignore the Western idea of God entirely by not even entertaining it. They envision creation as an organic, self regulating, nonlinear totality. They are not concerned with laws, celestial kingdoms and tyrannical rule by a supreme fiend that lauds his supremacy over it all!
    They call China Godless because Ztaosim, Confucianism and Buddhism overlook the Western religions theism, but it’s the west that contradicts reality in its beliefs, not the east!

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    1. I agree people gave god a definition, and that definition will be based on who thought of it first. My response to the question was an attempt to find an answer that can be seen despite the philosophy. To quote your response, “creation is an artifact left over by a greater agent”. I’d like to change that to, creation is an artifact left over by a PREVIOUS agent. It is that previous agent whether greater or less than, allows the life in questions to exist. Without the previous there would not be a present. To be able to, although impossible, trace back all the lives that came before our existence, before the western or eastern philosophies, we would then be able to find an origin. Whatever that origin, if it is a single point or different for all, it would be your god, creator, reason for exiting, the start of it all by the slimmest of probabilities.


      1. However you define it, if it is a growth there was a source of that growth. No matter if that source is your the great grandparents of your great grandparents 100 generations previously, or if the source was a bird that dropped a seed in an area where a tree can be able to grow, or ultimately the big bang theory (or whatever actually happened) whatever natural or supernatural force that cause that event to happen.


      2. Partner, Hubble determined that Spacetime is Flat. This means that the Universe is Infinite and Eternal.
        Because it’s Eternal it was never created. Therefore all claims of a creator God are untrue. It proves the non existence of God.
        Trees aren’t made out of wood. Trees are wood! Mountains aren’t made out of rock…Mountains are rock! Get it? Nothing was created except what we create for ourselves. Use some wood and create a table, but the Universe doesn’t create.

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      3. If the Universe is infinite and eternal then there is your god. Those trees and mountains formed from a series of events, even the rocks and woods that they are made of. The questions is how far back do you want to go in the series of events. If you say infinitely far back then the source of all events that caused the existence of things is infinite. The problem is people, who could not comprehend or accept that answer, felt the need to exploit it and create a belief system out of it. Still the problem with that answer is it opens the questions, Why is it infinite?


      4. What people don’t accept the facts? Buddhists, Shintoists, Confucianists and Taoists are all Godless religions that insist on an infinite and Eternal Universe.
        Western religions have a primitive concept of religion and they are as incorrect as it is primitive.

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      5. What people don’t accept the facts? There are a ton of them. You keep going back to religion. I am not trying to explain this in any religious form. The eastern religions may have a better concept but similar to the western religions, it is all still a concept. A concept that is either trying to explain what came before, or explain what the universe is. My point is it really doesn’t matter because no matter how you define it or where to say the point of origin is; that one point or definition is god. And, you don’t even have to call it god.


      6. God is by definition, the creator of the Universe.
        Science proved 400 years ago that the earth orbits the sun. It took the church until 1987 to admit Galileo was correct. PROVEN beyond all doubt! Truth isn’t equivocal.
        Now science has proven the Universe is Infinite and there is no God.
        And no, Reality isn’t a concept, or a word or number~”Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh”
        If you want to discuss reality then you have to account for human thought which is alphanumeric symbology. And I don’t want to start explaining symbology to you when you’re having trouble with Infinity.

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      7. I am not doubting that science has proven all that. I think you just fail to see my point, most likely because I failed to get it across in my response.

        I am not saying I believe in God, or god, by the definition. Which is why I have not capitalized the “G”. I understand that people who do believe in God, believe that he created the universe. However, my response was trying to explain that whether religious beliefs or science explanation, both are trying to answer the same question. Each group of people, just have a different point where they stop and say, “this is where things started”. Or, in your case say, “the Universe is Infinite and there is no God”.

        So, I suppose if I had to give god a definition, based on my response, it would be; the answer.

        Your answer is the Universe is Infinite, perfect, I acknowledge that and see that it is possible. I only differ from you by just stopping sooner, at the big bang. I can understand that something was before the big bang, even infinitely before the big bang, but I am just going to stop there.

        So instead of saying a prayer before going to sleep thanking the big man in the sky for taking care of me but not the people who need it most in the world, I simply acknowledge that without the big bang exploding I would not be here, so I am sure glad it did.

        That’s my answer, meaning god in this instance. Everyone else has their own answer too. A majority of people’s answers are in the bible, some others are in science books, some are in meditation, and some don’t even have an answer (“If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice”).


  2. Not all answers are equally true. Some people believe in Santa. Some people believe in the flat earth. Jews and Christians believe in Blood Magic Sorcery.
    So, I guess I’ll leave you to you beliefs! Good night.

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    1. Correct, not all answers are equally true, however I bet the individual who has that answer believes it to be. Just as you are with your beliefs, even if you feel they are based on truth. Everyone’s beliefs all boil down to the answers they feel most comfortable with their version of truth or what they know it to be. I’m just trying to point out that our pretty similar ultimately, unfortunately people focus on the differences. In this world things would be a lot better if people focused on the similarities rather than differences. Horrible wars have been fought and are still being fought over the differences in beliefs.

      I can accept that your answer is different form mine. I don’t think we are far off from each other. The important thing is that we are able to have a discussion about it. I for one enjoyed it.


      1. Beliefs are irrelevant. Notice “Lie” is the central word in belief.
        It is not a position of certainty but a position of hypothesis. Beliefs once proven are facts and if disproven should be modified or abandoned.
        The abuse of the term belief involves “Playing the game of Make Believe” Religious people assert their positions not on facts but on belief.

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      2. I assume you only mean spiritual beliefs. As irrelevant as they may be to you, you will be interacting with people who have them. In order to keep those interactions positive and productive a certain amount of respect and understanding must be given. Additionally, other than religious extremists, a typical person doesn’t base everything they do off of what their associated religion dictates.


      3. Here’s where you start talking stupid.
        Spirit is physical, and mind is physical. There is no nonphysical. Spirituality then is not nonphysical but the elevation of the physical.

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      4. I’m not sure what you want.
        1. There is no God because the Universe is eternal.
        2. There is no non physical
        The non physical is an assertion by people who believe in a finite Universe to explain physical existence. There is and can never be proof of nonphysical because it’s irrelevant to the physical(can’t interact). It’s simply a myth that creates a bigger lie to account for a poor description of reality.

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      5. I have read over my post again, and it is difficult to see where and why you choose to latch on to me simply using the term god. If I took out “god” and instead used “universe” I feel you would be closer to agreeing with me. Not one time in your replies did I disagree with your explanation of the Universe being eternal, I have no problem accepting that as I don’t feel my post argued against it. I am sure your tolerance range is wider in person than it is online, as is the same for just about everyone.

        But, if you want to say that the nonphysical is irrelevant to the physical, I will easily say, “nope”. However, I will tolerate your view and honestly would only think less of you if you changed it simply due to our debate.

        Thank you for reading. I only wish I could view some of your entries, but I guess your domain is “parked”.


      6. You have no idea what you are talking about so you just continue with drivel.
        Non physical by definition good cannot interact with the physical. It has nothing in common with the physical. There is no relationship between physical and nonphysical. So how do you know about the nonphysical? How do you prove it exists? Where is the evidence? Stop talking like a fucking clown!


      7. Have a nice life Robert. I enjoyed our conversation up until now. I can see that going back and forth through text won’t yield anything. I do still wish to read some of your posts on, however I cannot access it. Let me know when that gets fixed.


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