Photo by James Wheeler from Pexels

Which one do you need?  Which one will you choose?

Should you think about it?  Should you do something about it?

We are all a collection of thoughts and actions. We hold thoughts inside our minds, keep them from the world. We display actions that define us according to those who witnessed them. We either act sincere or censored. We either hold back or we let it all out. Our thoughts about the world and ourselves dictate the reality that we set in motion. A combination of living in your own head and living in the actual world.

We all struggle, we all strive, we all persevere, we all accomplish, we all think, and we all act.

I want to share some thoughts to allow for opposition, adjustments, similarities, but, most importantly, expansion.

I want to share the reasons behind certain actions to offer explanation, guidance, reflection, but, most importantly, growth.

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