Can humans ever experience the world objectively?

A Writing Prompt from “The Philosopher’s Notebook” I believe that humans are capable of almost anything, however, to see the world objectively might not be something, as immortal self-aware beings, that can be achieved. The world around us affects us in ways we do not fully understand, or possibly may never fully understand. With theContinue reading “Can humans ever experience the world objectively?”

MY TOP 10: Goldfinger Songs

Superman was the first ska song I can remember hearing. With the familiar ska guitar sound, at the time that was all I knew. Down the road as I heard more and more ska songs (still not yet knowing that ska was a thing), my mind heard each one as, “Oh hey this songs has that Superman sound to it”. Till this day I haven’t heard a bad ska…..Superman song.


A lot of what I think about stays locked up inside my head. Keeps me wide awake some nights with plans and possibilities. Usually they have all faded by morning. I wonder if those who became successful, ignored the desire to sleep and acted on their ideas so they wouldn’t fade. Now maybe this will spark more action from the thoughts, maybe someone can relate, or maybe this will fade out in two weeks….