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Preferences vs. Judgements
You should always be allowed to express your personal preferences, however, you should never comment on someone else’s preferences in a negative way or in a way the generalizes those who share those preferences.
– Jan 22, 2020

Honest Internal Vision
View yourself as you would another person. If that person is not someone you would aspire to be like or classify as a good person then it is time to make some adjustments.
– Apr 21, 2021

Feeling like a spinning compass
The idea of working towards a self-made career with full control over my work-life balance sounds appealing, but the multiple directions I can take only cause me to ponder, and never act. 
– May 6, 2021

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What happens to us after we die?
I think the reason why so many people have such difficulty discussing or even just acknowledging it is that it is the most absolute thing we can comprehend, but at the same time can’t comprehend.
– Sep 5, 2018

Does life have meaning?
We occupy our minds, we fill them with thoughts and, for those willing, spend hours meditating in an attempt to empty them.
– Sep 5, 2018

Nice vs. Honesty
Even some times when everyone is positive and encouraging towards motivating me, I eventually realize that it doesn’t matter what they say, I should have listened to myself in the first place because I didn’t want to do this.
– Feb 25, 2016

Why I am typically quiet.
Sometimes this comes off as judgmental to some people, but eventually they realize or maybe someone tells them, this is how I go about getting to know you.
– Feb 7, 2016

Is there a god?
Back to the furthest, what reason produced the first cell which branched out to one day lead to you sitting in a chair reading this. God is the start. 
– Sep 5, 2018

Can humans objectively experience the world?
The world around us affects us in ways we do not fully understand, or possibly may never fully understand. 
– Sep 5, 2018

Either we act aggressively, conservatively, based on our current mood, or we brush it off, accept it, and learn something from it. 
– Aug 11, 2015

So far, I have been stuck in a notebook. Writing things with little or grand meaning, if they only exist in a notebook it only guarantees, no meaning. 
– Aug 11, 2015

How free are we?
An individual is only as free as they let themselves. 
– Sep 5 , 2018

Is the Universe Intelligible?
We are a small part of a huge reality. A reality that we can’t explain.
– Sep 5, 2018

Driver Education Reform
37,000 annual deaths, 2.35 million injuries, $820 annual cost per person, 1 in 470 odds of getting into an accident. We all brush it under the rug. 
– Feb 26, 2016

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